Supercharge your emails!

You don't have to just create static emails anymore. Now take full control of your emails.

Owney Mail

How it works

All you have to do is sign up and create some email templates. We will handle the rest.

Create a Project

Add new project and add collobroates if you want

Create a new project
Create a new project

Choose / Create a template

You can choose a template from our email template store or create your own. You can use variables also for making dynamic emails.

Now let's get rolling

To trigger the emails, all you have to do is hit our api.

Create a new project

A lot is on the way!

Currently we have integrations for mailchimp, sendgrid and AWS SES only. But don't worry, we will adding many more pretty soon.



  • 3 Projects
  • 3 Templates per project


  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Templates
  • Unlimited Colloborators
  • Access to all integrations

Email marketing via Amazon SES, Sendgrid, Mailchimp.

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