Dynamic Emails that just works!

Owney-powered brands are using email CRM data and marketing automation to build personalized marketing experiences, drive meaningful engagement, and earn long-term customer loyalty.

Owney Mail

Create template, start mailing. It’s that simple.

Setup your template and add your variables in it. Now you are ready to send dynamic emails on the fly.

Owney Mail
Owney Mail

New Project

Manage multiple projects in the same dashboard without needing to switch accounts.

Multiple Template

Manage multiple templates, each with its own variables and settings.

Owney Mail

Powerful template editor with powerful dynamic variables integrations

Create your next awesome template with our powerful editor that have ability setup variables, preview it in the dashboard or send test email.

Easy setup

Connect your repo and pick a branch. App Center analyzes your code to suggest a build configuration. iOS or Android? You bet! React Native? No sweat! Windows? Certainly.

Owney Mail
Owney Mail

Analytics of usage

See how many emails are being triggered from your account



  • 3 Projects
  • 3 Templates per project


  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Templates
  • Unlimited Colloborators
  • Access to all integrations

Email marketing via Amazon SES, Sendgrid, Mailchimp.